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The only surf camp in Jaco

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Welcome to Costa Rica Jaco surf camp
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Jaco surf tours

Campers will learn all of the basics and techniques of learning to ride a safe wave. Best beginner waves in Jaco a great start good base because you can hit 20 great surf spots in our tours. No flat day guarantee !!


Who we Are

Pura Vida! Jaco surf camp is a great introduction to the sport of surfing. So too for the experience one. We have surf tours. Individual and group service too. Surfboard rentals. We are what you need for surfing needs.


My Work

Jaco Laguna surf Camp will make your dream of learning how to surf come true. starting out as a beginning surfers just like you, they understand how difficult it can be learning how to surf. Their program provides a friendly and safe environment to master the core skills needed to become a competent surfer. Whether you are planning a family vacation in Costa Rica Jaco with children or just want to learn to surf, or you are looking for some fun and great barrels, they got you covered..

Surf package

Based on our experience, our surf camp in Jaco Costa Rica offers you three types of surf package Jaco surf camp: We guarantee you :

Maximum time surfing.
Visits to the numerous surf spots of jaco surf camp.
A choice of wave types depending on your level.
Organization that precludes your optimum safety.
Respect for the local environment and our participation in sustainable development. Finally, in order to maximize each of your sessions. Come and enjoy a Jaco surf camp surf camp's life.

For personally customized surf trips, please contact us!

Road Trip
For experienced surfers We will get out each day, surfing the large variety of waves types available in the area. Each evening, we will decide together where tomorrow takes us, based on current conditions, preferences and your surfing abilities.
Coaching Trip
For those who already surf and want personal advices to improve their surfing. It's a Road Trip with a personal coaching to push your surfing level.
Surfari Trip
For experienced surfers Most of the waves are accessible by land, but some are only accessible by boat, we offer the same services as the "Road Trip" with access by 4*4 and boat.
Your partner doesn't surf but likes going to the beach with you. We propose a non surfer all inclusive package based on a double occupancy. To see the place you are going to stay check Jaco Laguana


Classic surf lesson at Jaco Surf Camp